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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

Picture yourself on a beautiful beach, the afternoon sun shining on your face providing you the perfect warmth on your skin. You hear no noise other than your breath, the world seems to have slowed to a stand still, and you relax into the earth beneath you. You close your eyes, a content smile across your face, and drift off into a peaceful meditation. 20 minutes later, you wake to the frantic shrills of beachcombers running from a beached shark…WHOOPS, this isn’t Shark Nato, let’s try that again. 20 minutes later, you wake to sweat beads dripping down your face and you feel relaxed and restored. You ask yourself ‘How did I drift off into that deep a meditation? I’ve never been able to do that.’ You snap into reality and look around…you’re in your own home infrared sauna…the most peaceful pod you’ve ever experienced, so much so that it reminds you of the best vacation get away moment you’ve ever experienced.

I’ve always loved saunas. I enjoy warmth, peace and a good sweat. And that clean, light feel that follows.
I’m also a skeptic. I don’t believe everything I hear, and when I’m curious, I do my own research to determine whether or not it’s worth trying on myself, before I recommend it to my family, friends you and all of my followers. It had been 6 months of HARD CORE investigation before I landed FIRMLY on purchasing my very own Far Infrared Sauna that fits perfectly in my bedroom (check out this quick 2 minute video showing you the highlights)

My MAIN 5 reasons for Going NEAR Infrared Sauna (NIR Sauna):

  • get rid of my back pain. Toxins get trapped here OFTEN. NIR pulls these out from connective tissues, which lessens pain and inflammation, which is the root cause of 95% of disease.
  • better skin. I get the occasional acne, and skin thinning. I wanted get back to looking 25 again – for real…I get asked all the time if I’m in my mid 20’s now. Go GLOW yes!
  • improve TAO hormone production which = improved energy and metabolism + less belly bloat (thyroid); improved stress, sex and sleep hormone production (adrenals); and painless, perfect periods (ovaries).
  • reverse Hashimoto’s and thyroid disease. CHECK. Ditch the toxins that cause it, ditch the disease. (where else would you ever hear that it’s possible to get off your meds and be free from an auto immune disease? My toxins were trapped in my lymph tissues which enlarged my neck, throat, and face pockets, giving me a ‘puffy’ look. That is now GONE. For YEARS, doctors told me ‘oh that just me be your body’. I couldn’t believe that as my reality because the swelling had gotten worse as I aged. My neck is much trimmer now, which gives my face a trimmer, younger look. Yay!
  • cleanse myself of heavy metals that continue to show high on my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (copper from my former IUD, mercury from teeth fillings, cadmium from childhood second hand cigarette exposure, uranium from breathing in Southern California air, etc)

So, I took the plunge and had a 55 pound box delivered to my apartment.

55 pounds? Yep, that’s all it weighs. Most of us think of a big bulky box that weights 500 + pounds and takes up a lot of space at the gym. Wait..people have saunas at home? YES. Mine is in my bedroom and I love my hot hut (as I call it) in the corner, with a pink flower on top.


It has quickly proven to be the smartest investment I have EVER made! (after my unicorn hat, of course)

As detox expert and holistic physician Dr Lawrence Wilson states:

Near infrared lamp sauna therapy – and no other type of sauna therapy – is now a central part of every nutritional balancing therapy. It is one of the least costly, safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections.

THIS is the future of disease prevention, not to mention the very best of the things we humans strive for as part of the NEW AGE American dream…rested sleep, ‘easy’ weight loss, youthful skin, a healthy sex drive, endless energy, and a long list of the other benefits NEAR Infrared saunas provide, and there are many studies to prove this.

15 Reasons to NEAR Infrared Sauna

  1. INCREASES ENERGY – NIR activates the color sensitive chemicals (chromophores & cytochrome systems) to depths of 23 centimeters (or about 10 inches), stimulating the energy processes in cells.
  2. REDUCES VISIBLE CELLULITE – Cellulite is fat mixed with toxins that are trapped, in part due to an poor circulation, which appears as dimples mainly because of weakened connective tissue. NIR helps to rebuild connective tissue, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  3. WEIGHT LOSS – Virtually everyone I work with claims to have tried everything to lose the last 5, 10 even 25 pounds without success. This study group lost 444% more body weight by combining NIR light therapy with exercise than the control group doing exercise only.
  4. BOOSTS METABOLISM – The mitochondria (power plants of the cells) produce more ATP (energy currency of the cells) when NIR (near infrared rays) is introduced. If you know anything about mitochondria, you know that this is KEY to THRIVING and giving us more energy!
  5. IMPROVES INSULIN RESISTANCE – NIR increases metabolic rate, which causes the body to burn blood sugar as you would burn energy during exercise. Hyperthermic conditions in animal testing has shown increased insulin sensitivity and lowered blood sugar (source)
  6. WOUND HEALING – Physicians from NASA and the Medical College of Wisconsin found that NIR LED light significantly promotes faster cell regeneration, wound healing and human tissue growth. Human cell growth increased by 155%-171% in some cases and wound size decreased by 36%.
  7. REJUVENATES SKIN – Want to glow and look younger and ditch the bloat? DNA synthesis of fibroblasts, which affects the elasticity of skin, increased five-fold with NIR. In just 1 months time, I felt congestion I’ve had on my chin literally disappear (and I nearly spent $10k to laser it off).
  8. PAIN RELIEF – Pain meds not working as well as they used to, especially in your muscles and joints? Improve inflammation, blood flow and flexibility.
  9. IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW – NIR stimulates the release of nitric oxide, promoting vasodilatation which = more blood flow to the parts of your body that need it most, such as muscles, which ups the ante on muscle growth and sexual fire!
  10. BETTER ENDURANCE – Move over BCAA’s and arnica, reduce muscle fatigue by up to 42.2% via NIR. READ THIS ARTICLE on why NIR is the greatest Sports Performing Enhancing agent without breaking WADA rules.
  11. INCREASES STRENGTH – Growth hormone release is induced by an increase in body temperature, but not s0 much via exercise. Growth hormone increases muscle mass, calcium retention, and lipolysis (stored fat burn). Many men (and it’s popular among women too) pay thousands for Growth hormone injections…what if this was more effective AND healthier?
  12. FASTER RECOVERY TIME – Recover 2-5 times faster without spending a ton of supplements that may not even work.
  13. HEALS INFECTIONS – NIR Raises your body temperature by 2 degrees, which mimics the flu and your body is called to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Low body temperature is super common today which reduces our body’s ability to kill bad bugs that cause chronic infections. Common sites of infections are the sinuses, ears, eyes, bladder, throat and intestines.
  14. HEALS CANCER – NIR helps kill many types of abnormal cells mutated by radiation or damaged by other toxins, including tumors, which don’t do so well surviving heat (think eskimo in Egypt).
  15. RADIATION POISONING – we’re surrounded by it. The sun emits radiation, all plants contain radiation, and we are exposed to radiation from bomb testing, Fukushima fallout and living in urban areas. The only way to destroy cells that contain radiation is with an infrared sauna. These toxic cells can be destroyed, preventing any cancers that may have otherwise arose from them.

And even MORE reasons to NEAR Infrared:

As if that’s not a long enough list, here’s some more miraculous testimonies from warriors around the world. As summarized by my friend, Wendy Myers, of Live to 110 in this article, There have been hundreds of clinical trials reporting success with the use of infrared sauna therapy for the following ailments:

  • Acne (clears acne and blackheads).
  • Adhesions (common in competitive athletes, trauma, and repetitive stress syndromes).
  • Arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis (relieved or improved).
  • Asthma, bronchitis.
  • Body odor.
  • Brain contusion (accelerated healing).
  • Bursitis (eliminated).
  • Cancer pain (greatly relieved pain in later stages).
  • Cardiovascular health (improved).
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome (positive results in 70% of patients).
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Chronic middle-ear inflammation or infection.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver (reversed).
  • Compression fractures (pain eliminated or reduced).
  • Dandruff (increased blood flow through the scalp).
  • Disc-protrusion related neuralgia.
  • Duodenal ulcers (eliminated).
  • Ear, nose, and throat conditions.
  • Eczema and psoriasis (respond well).
  • Exercise recovery and muscle pain.
  • Gastritis (relieved).
  • Gastroenteric problems.
  • Hemorrhoids (reduced).
  • Hepatitis (eliminated).
  • High blood pressure (reduced).
  • Insomnia.
  • Keloid scars (significantly softened and, in some cases, completely gone).
  • Lacerations (healed quicker with less pain and scarring).
  • Leg ulcers (healed when previously static and resistant to other care).
  • Low-back pain (relieved).
  • Menopause.
  • Muscle spasms (reduced or eliminated).
  • Nose bleeding (reduced).
  • Post-surgical adhesions (reduced).
  • Scars and pain from burns or wounds (decreased in severity and extent).
  • Sciatica.
  • Sore throats.
  • Spinal chord shock (reversed post traumatic shock).
  • Tinnitus (chronic severe case cleared with 10 infrared treatments).
  • TMJ arthritis.
  • Whiplash.

Seriously? YES!

NFL players are raving about it too!

By now you may be thinking ‘Why have I never heard this?’ And that’s a valid question. Especially since infrared technology has been around for thousands of years. As Dr Lawrence articulates in this article:

The use of hot air baths for relaxation, healing and ceremonial use goes back into distant history. A Native American friend once told me that the Indian sweat lodge has been used continuously for 40,000 years! The tradition of the sauna is found around the world, in most all advanced cultures to some degree. Most of the time, the older saunas were powered by building a fire under the sauna, or heating rocks in a fire, which are then carried into the sauna or sweat lodge. A much more modern version of the sauna idea is the electric light near infrared lamp sauna. John Harvey Kellogg, MD of Michigan is credited with its invention about 100 years ago.

So…why is it making a comeback and why did it ever go out of tradition to begin with? These questions and more Brian and I dive deep into so you don’t have to scour the internet to discover.

5 Key Questions we cover in this Hot video:

  • There are 100,000+ synthetic chemicals today that are approved for use in America, several thousands of them being approved every year, but less than 5% of them are being tested for safety. WHY should this matter for you, your goals and your loved ones?
  • Estrogen exposure is the greatest epidemic causing more disease like cancer, infertility, mood issues, brain fog, depression (of the body, then the mind) and reproductive issues to name a few. Why does it appear that infrared saunas are our only hope for TRULY ditching these bad boys?
  • Why is it so important to detox and sweat using an infrared sauna versus doing cardio, yoga or weights or at the gym? HINT – you detox over 10 times MORE!
  • Why should I use infrared regularly (daily) and what’s the difference between gym saunas and sauna studios that offer Far, Mid and Near? (cue the hit song from Titanic by Celine Dion)
  • Why is it the NEWEST and fastest growing trend in the functional medicine space to have one in your home?

Watch this video (or listen) until the very end and give us your undivided attention. This will blow your mind!
We’re literally bathing in petrochemicals. Literally, they’re everywhere. And they’re estrogen-mimicking. They piss our hormones off, and they age us super fast, and they deplete our energy sources, and then they destroy our sex drive, not to mention our drive of life, in general. And then, what doctors tell us is, “Oh, you know, stress is the cause. You’ve got to reduce your stress.” Stress in this case, as is for the average American today, is primarily caused by exposure to these toxins that are nearly impossible to cleanse simply with food, supplements, hot yoga and conventional sweat during exercise. As I say often:

Man made chemicals cannot be easily cleansed. We must work smarter, not harder, to detox them effectively, without shutting down the adrenals and endocrine system. Your average ‘cleanse’ barely scratches the surface to purge the plethora of toxins that are the primary cause for cancer, heart disease, infertility and most disease today.

What is working smarter you ask? Infrared sauna therapy of course.

Brian Richards, founder and creator of Sauna Space has offered a UNIQUE AND ROCK BOTTOM price to try infrared for yourself, risk free, for 90 days, with this coupon code he is only sharing with our tribe.

Try NEAR infrared at home risk free, at a ridiculous rock bottom price

5 key reasons why the Pocket Sauna Near Infrared Sauna from Sauna Space makes sense (and dollars):

  • FREE shipping
  • 100 Day RISK FREE, money back guarantee trial
  • ZERO tax 
  • 10% off your entire purchase*


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A recent medical study involving 2,315 Finnish men indicates that regular sauna use reduces dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Laukkanen, T. et al., Sauna bathing is inversely associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in middle-aged Finnish men, Age Aging, December 7, 2016.


Diane Kazer: Warriors, I have an amazing interview for you guys today with Brian Richards. He is Founder and Creator of Sauna Space. But I’m going to first just act something quickly out for you guys, so you see sometimes what we look like as ridiculous human beings with these mindsets—one of which is that it’s really disgusting to sweat.

So, here’s what you see a lot and hear a lot:

“Oh, my God! It’s so gross. I’m sweating. Oh, my God! I’m sweating.”

We think of it like it’s a bad thing.

And yeah, when you’re up onstage, and you’re going to do a presentation and you get—this used to happen to me as a financial advisor when I used to do presentations. You get that pit stains, and you’re like, “Oh, God!” and you’re really embarrassed. Then you put Mitchum in your armpit or some other crazy thing that blocks your glands from releasing toxins that end up in our liver, that end up back in our face or other parts of our bodies that reduce our sex drive or our energy and our hair falls out… or whatever other sad [insert complaint here].

We’ve got to sweat, you guys!

And what Brian is going to talk to us about today is that no sweat is the same as other sweats.

So, we think that, today, we’re like exercising, or maybe we’re making love, and we’re sweating—which I think it’s amazing, we sweat—sweating is great. But a lot of people don’t realize that one sweat here in the gym is not the same as other sweats.

When I played pro soccer—maybe you visited my channel for the first time together or you know who I am. My name is—Diane Kazer, founder of—and I played pro soccer for about five years. And I was the sickest I had ever been.

Crazy that I was still running around the field, and I looked pretty good, and I performed pretty well, but I had no idea how toxic I was.

Many of us are walking around our lives having zero idea how toxic our body is. Yet toxins create inflammation; and inflammation creates disease. Ninety-five percent plus of disease today is caused by inflammation, is caused by toxins. Yet doctors are not talking to us about this.

So, Brian, welcome to Diane Kazer, How are you today?

Brian Richards: Good! How are you doing, Diane? Thank you for having me.

Diane: Rocking it! I didn’t even intend to do this, but I’m wearing yellow like the sun. And that’s what you do, right? You bring sun into our houses.

Brian: Yes, we do. We bring the healing power of the sun into your home… and in a convenient way so that you can benefit from it every day and every cell of your body.

Diane: Super convenient!

Brian: It’s a near infrared lamp sauna. I actually have it here behind me. It’s our pocket sauna. This is the marquee product—lights, enclosure, and stool. And here is just the light panel itself. This is an incandescent heat lamp sauna. So we’re using full spectrum light from incandescent. The world’s only man-made light source that produces light like the sun is the incandescent lamp.

So, sometimes, simplicity is better. In this case, absolutely, this is the right light technology. This is the only light technology we should use to heal our bodies and to heat our bodies.

Diane: Yeah, it’s so crazy because we’re told that the sun is bad and that we should cover our whole body from the sun because the sun is going to give us skin cancer and we’re going to die.

Our doctors are telling us today—because they’re trained to, not because they’re bad people. So, if you’re a doctor watching this, I’m not saying that you’re bad. I’m just saying that you are being fed information that is false.

Then the doctors are telling us that nutrition has nothing to do with it, that the sun is bad. And they’re not trained that the root cause of today is toxins that are creating a back-up in our body.

We’re literally bathing in petrochemicals. Literally, they’re everywhere. And they’re estrogen-mimicking. They piss our hormones off, and they age us super fast, and they deplete our energy sources, and then they destroy our sex drive, not to mention our drive of life, in general. And then, what doctors tell us is, “Oh, you know, stress is the cause. You got to reduce your stress.”

I just laugh at that. What, in their mind, are they thinking is stressful? I’m baffled that toxins are not one of them.

And so, my primary market, my primary followers—and we’re going to spin this, you guys, today, so you’ll have an idea. We’re going to talk about this in this video—is that the majority of people who are following me are women. I know that. They’re between the ages of 20 to 55. There’s a lot of guys that follow me because they care about their women or they really just care about maybe attracting a woman who has a lot of energy like myself.

And if you guys have seen or heard my show, Eat. Play. Sex., it is a podcast that we talk about all things—healthy food, having adventure in your life, and then also, bringing back sex because we are so tired that we don’t engage with ourselves or even each other.

So, that’s what we’re going to be talking about in a different episode for later.

But for now, today, we’re going to cover in this video the new age detox methods you probably have never heard about. They are on their way as becoming as trendy as having a smart phone. If you have one of these, but you don’t have a sauna, you’re behind the curve. And you’re going to hear about that today.

But today, we’re going to be talking about our skin. It is the first organ that protects us against toxins, but it is the last organ to receive nutrients. I call it a Jesus. It takes a beating, but it doesn’t get very much love.

And so, today, we’re going to talk about how we can do that.

So, the first three things that we’re going to cover today is, number one, the statistic that there are 100,000+ synthetic chemicals today that are approved for use in America, several thousands of them being approved every year, but less than 5% of them are being tested for safety.

So Brian, let’s first just go right into that. We’re going to talk about that. And we’re going to talk about why sauna, why in your house. And we’re going to talk about the differences between the saunas that are out there and what sweating means. And then we’re going to—

Just stay, you guys. Stay to the very end. We’re going to talk on 30 minutes or less on why all of these, those three bullets, and then we’re going to give you guys the best deal on the market. And we’re going to talk about why this makes the most financial sense, not just from a money-saving perspective, but a life-saving perspective.

So Brian, let’s get right into it. With all the toxins that are around us today, why is it so important to detox using an infrared sauna versus just running around outside or at the gym and sweating?

Brian: That’s a great question, Diane. Our body’s have built-in healing, restorative and detoxification systems. Our bodies are comprised of cells. It’s the fundamental building block of the body.

Every cell has thousand of mitochondria in it. Most people understand that as the energy centers of the cell. They’re making energy…

Diane: ATP!

Brian: ATP, that’s actually their most base role. Their higher role is to re-optimize the cell, repair the genes, promote cellular regeneration, inflammatory mediation and tissue growth and all these things—just basically, in short, repair and rebuild the cell and re-optimize it.

It turns out that the simple stimulus of near infrared light from the sun is what activates mitochondrial systems—so mitochondrial activation. It’s only this very narrow band of light from the sun. That is red light that we can see, and about half of the near infrared band.

It’s technically 600 to 1000 nanometers roughly. But when this light hits the mitochondria in the cells, they go into intelligent repair man mode. They start fixing everything. And they control other systems to repair, repair, repair, heal, heal, heal… and also re-optimize the epigenetics. So that’s what the anti-aging is. We’re making the cell functioning more optimal. We’re anti-aging it. We’re making it younger.

So, that’s great, right?

Diane: Younger cells, that sounds so hot.

Brian: That’s fantastic! So, that’s every cell of your body. Every cell of your body, except red blood cells, has mitochondria. So it benefits from this healing stimulus of near infrared light.

But that’s not enough. It is a modern, toxic world. It’s a veritable onslaught of—really, the human body, the human organism is really not even designed to withstand the incredible levels of toxins that we experience nowadays.

Diane: So true.

Brian: It’s not just that some chemicals are toxins or petrochemicals are toxins; they all are, every single one.

And we have other toxins too. We have heavy metals out there that we’re pulling out of the earth for modern technologies, computers and things. This is all around us at these levels that we’ve never experienced before in an ancestral human context.

And on top of that, even good metals that are not bound in the right enzymes, the right sites that are free in the cells have free radical effects and they’re damaging. They’re also toxic.

You also have electromagnetic pollutants. We have all these new technologies that, very commonly, can have very high EMF’s. They produce very strong magnetic fields.

All these things irritate and stress us out. So, you talked about stress, yes, we need to remove stress from our lives. But the thing is people don’t understand that all of these are stress. All of these are either oxidative stress on the cell or just physical damage to the cell.

So, there’s no way to get around it. Even if you live in a bubble, in the wilderness, you’re still being exposed to this stuff.

Really, what we need to think about is: What are corrective actions we can take? What are solutions that we can bring into our lives and used to protect us, to galvanize us, to rebuild us?

And that’s what Sauna Space is all about. We’ve been designing and developing our near infrared sauna product line for about six years almost now. And we’ve taken it to the next level. It is kind of cutting-edge to what you said is the new age technology. It’s cutting-edge to have a sauna, but it’s most cutting-edge to have a near infrared sauna because it’s ancestral light and heat.

So, it’s this ancestral healing method. And it’s just Sauna Space’s cutting-edge design that’s really making it convenient and bringing it to your home and just making it easy and convenient to use every day.

This is natural healing. We need to use it every day. If it’s not in your home, and its’ not convenient, you’re not going to do it basically.

Diane: Yes! Yes…

Brian: So, we worked really hard to make that possible through good design and safe material use and easy set-up and safe lifetime warranty build quality.

Diane: Yeah. So basically, what you just told me is that there’s like no inherent risk whatsoever in giving it a shot, which is what we’re going to talk about toward the end of the video.

You guys, I don’t bring anything to you unless I have it myself. And so you already saw the video of what it looks like in my room. You already saw it. When you walk in my house, it’s so small that you can fit in the corner.

And here was my thing. I did months of research before I did this. This is my whole thing! It’s like I want to save you guys time, so that you don’t do it wrong like I did and waste a lot of money, and then lose time on health that you could’ve saved, so you could’ve been here around longer with a higher quality of life with your kids, et cetera.

And then, loving your skin too. When I was researching this, I found that Brian’s saunas are $2000 to $3000 less than the ones I was looking at. Two to three thousand dollars, that’s a lot of money. So it was like cut in half.

The amount of space it took, cut in half. What it weight was like—what, 80 lbs., Brian?

Brian: It’s 55 lbs.

Diane: Oh, it lost some weight. Was it detoxing itself?

But yeah, it was super simple to set up. It is 55 lbs. which is how old I am. I look really amazing because I’m using the sauna for like six months. Just kidding! I’m 38. But it’s like, what, 500 or 600 lbs. less weight. I was thinking like, “How am I going to fit this in my apartment? Is it going to get approved? Am I getting in trouble?”

I would’ve gotten in trouble to put it in my back patio if I needed to, but I was prepared to do that. But I didn’t need to because I got this one.

So, women who are watching too, we are exposed to so many of these synthetic estrogens. Hormones are all over the place. And then, we’re like, “Oh, it’s got to be my hormones. My hormones are creating this.”

And then, men, you guys are super tired and [racing] coffee and other things. And most men are complaining of not having enough sleep.

So, we’re going to get down to the very things that you guys really care about. I know the number one thing you guys really care about is like: “What’s in it for me? Why can’t I just use the thing at the gym? Why can’t I just keep doing what I’ve been doing, sit in a sauna with a bunch of other people in their pools of sweat after I work out for 60 minutes. Yup, I got sweat on twice, so I’m done. I can call it good, right?”

So, Brian, let’s get into that. Let’s talk about that study. I sweat, but what am I sweating out?

Brian: Yeah, you asked that before (or shortly before we started here).

Your body is in either sympathetic dominance, fight or flight state, or rest-and-digest.

We call it “rest-and-digest” for a good reason. That’s the nervous state in which your body is designed to heal, repair, restore, regenerate.

It’s the fight-or-flight state, the stressful state, that were designed to respond to the circumstances of the moment. Our adrenal is pumping, our cortisol levels are up. We’re all jacked up!

And that’s what we do at the gym. We’re working out during vigorous training with exercise. And we’re in a sympathetic dominant, stressful nervous state.

In this type of state, the body doesn’t do any detoxing. It doesn’t do any healing at all. In fact, this has been shown in studies. There’s one that I can refer to. When you compare the amount, the concentration of toxins in sweat from vigorous exercise versus people who are passively sweating, the difference is dramatic. There’s only a few percent, 2% to 5%, of vigorous exercise sweat that contains toxins. So very little of the sweat being sweated out is a vehicle for detoxing toxins out of the body.

Compare that with passive sweating, it’s been shown that over 20% of the sweat content is toxins.

Diane: Ten times more.

Brian: That dramatic difference is a very basic thing. Without getting into too much of the details, you’re either in a fight-or-flight or in a rest-and-digest and heal-and-detox state. And when you’re at the gym, running on a treadmill and working out vigorously, all of your energy resources in your body are going to your muscles, your heart and your lungs. And you’re responding to the moment. Your body has no energy or resources whatsoever for cell detox and cell repair.

You have trillions of cells in your body. Each one of them has all these little parts. They need to be rebuilt, repaired, and regenerated all throughout the body. There’s just no time and energy for that at the cellular level when you’re working out vigorously.

So, all these people are going to the gym because they want to look and feel better. And that’s men and that’s women. That’s perfectly acceptable. I was no different when I was toxic six years ago and I needed healing. All I wanted was to look and feel better too.

It turns out though you don’t heal through vigorous exercise, in terms of detoxification, cell repair and cell regeneration.

Diane: You’re just going to break your body down.

Brian: You’re stressing your cells even further. You’re actually pushing yourself even further into sympathetic dominance.

There’s a role for stressing out the body and doing physical exercise. But it needs to come hand-in-hand with healing, with passive sweating, cell repair. And so, the heat detoxes us and the light re-optimizes us. And in a near infrared sauna, in a Sauna Space sauna, you do both together at the same time.

So, it’s two healing aspects of the sauna. It’s a double whammy. If you’re going to sit down for 20 minutes, why are you not doing near infrared sauna? Why would you do regular sauna?

Diane: We’re going to talk about that next, but I want to summarize what you just said and pull together some of the other videos and things that people have heard me talk about (or maybe, if it’s your first time here, you haven’t).

But when I test clients’ lab results, Brian, and we’re doing saliva testing (not blood testing)—and you guys can listen to why blood testing. You go to see your doctor and they send you away and they’re like, “Oh, your blood hormone tests look fine. Take this pill or antidepressant instead.” You’re like, “Okay, well… why? It makes no sense, but whatever!”

But when I do the saliva testing which is much more accurate than blood in finding root cause issues, I’m seeing that, literally—Brian, I have yet to see one client, when I look at their hormones, where their cortisol is in a healthy range.

Their melatonin, their sleep hormone is likely super low. Their sex hormones are typically 25% of what I’d like to see. And their cortisol is 25% to 33% of what I’d like to see, what’s ideal.

And so, I go, “Hey, you know what your recommendation is from me? Stop working out!”

And they’re like, “What? What do you mean? Working out and eating healthy, isn’t that the formula? I needed to be more perfect at that in order to get my results?”

I’m like, “No!”

You are actually in a stressful environment when you’re exercising, and you are making it worse.

This is what people say. And ladies, if you’re listening to this too, I work out more and get more fat. Well, this is why—because your body is storing fat because it perceives stress.

So now, what I want Brian to talk about next is that if we’re going to do a sauna, why doesn’t it make sense to do near infrared, and then, also, the light therapy behind that?

There’s a reason that the sun is out here in the sky, you guys. There’s a reason there is a light, a huge ball of light for our benefit. And that’s why we’re trying to bring this back and make light sexy again.

So, let’s talk about why infrared, near infrared specifically, and then why passive sweating?

Brian: So, let’s look at the natural human environment. If we look at the sun and the emission from the sun, of all the wavelengths of the sun and the total power emission of the sun that reaches the earth, 45% of that is near infrared.

Near half of the wavelengths of light of the sun that reach the earth are near infrared.

Then we look at the cells, and we see this mitochondria. It has this light receptor protein which is the magical heart of human light therapy and human light biology. The light activates biological systems. And we see that when we stimulate one of the fundamental aspects of every cell of our body, it goes into this healing mode.

And we also know—not to get too technical, but there’s what’s called an “optical window of the human body.” Blood absorbs light—excuse me, hemoglobin absorbs light. It absorbs visible light and shorter wavelength stuff. So, all the visible light except red and UV and so forth is absorbed by blood, everything below 600 nanometers.

And then, at 1100 cheap nolvadex nanometers and greater, water absorbs light—increasingly so.

So, there’s this sweet spot in between the two—only 600 to 1100 nanometers roughly—that light is able to penetrate very deeply into the human body. What a coincidence! These are almost the exact, same, narrow wavelength band that stimulates the mitochondria.

There’s a clear evolutionary coincidence here. But it’s not coincidence, it’s evolutionary design. It’s intelligent design here.

The most powerful, fundamental healing systems in our body are activated by the sun which is the creator of all life on earth.

So, when we’re thinking about sauna, we’re doing sauna for the heat shock. The evolutionary source of heat shock is the sun. The sun provides the heat shock through this radiant near infrared light that penetrates deeply, but then is partially absorbed at 1100 nanometers and greater. So you have radiance-style heating.

When you sit in a near infrared lamp sauna, you feel the heat. That’s because the heat is penetrating all the way to your liver cells as soon as you sit in front of these lamps. Although clothing does block the light—another reason why it’s good to have your clothing off when you’re out in the sun, and for the same reason, we use a near infrared sauna without our shirt on. But when we do, the light is immediately heating those core cells of the body.

That’s why we want heat shock. That’s why we want mitochondrial stimulation. That’s where all the toxins are.

In a regular sauna, it takes 20 or 30 minutes for that heat shock effect to conductively work its way into your core of your body. In a near infrared sauna, it’s immediately heating the core. It’s this gentle radiant heating from the inside-out.

So, it heats you out faster, it’s more effective. This really narrow band, 600 to 1000 nanometers roughly, is stimulating the mitochondria to re-energize and heal and boost ATP and release nitric oxide into the tissue, so vasodilation, better blood flow, tissue oxygenation, promoting inflammatory mediation.

Diane: And hey, guys, if you have any ED (and you know what I’m talking about), then this is probably helpful for that too. Blood flow to the areas that are otherwise blocked. And also for pain, right?

Brian: There are so many indirect effects of mitochondrial stimulation with near infrared light. It’s almost hard to list them all.

What I like to say is step back and look where your problem is, whatever your problem is. Everybody has a different problem. They want to know how is this going to help you.

We all have human cells. We all have these animal cells. We all have these mitochondrias. We all heal and repair through light and heat, through natural and heat therapy, every cell of the body.

When we repair and detox and re-optimize every cell of the body, the concerns of the tissues and the extremities and the systemic things, they resolve and restore health in all ways.

And when this light hits the cells, it doesn’t care what type of cell it is. It helps it heal whether it’s bone, skin, it’s nerve, really anything.

So, if you look on the reviews on our website at, you’ll see just a dramatic array of experiences. People are positively restoring their health coming from so many different problems. Everybody is benefiting here, everybody.

Diane: Brian, doesn’t the penetration of infrared get much deeper and penetrate deeper, like so many inches deeper than the far infrared?

Brian: Yeah, yeah. I was kind of getting technical with the optical window there, but that’s what that is.

Diane: […]

Brian: The near infrared wavelengths and red light, but particularly some near infrared wavelengths, uniquely penetrate up to 9 inches. So there’s a NASA study that shows a 23-inch penetration of near infrared wavelengths into calf muscle. So that’s kind of the one we usually refer to. You see that, and it makes sense because you have these mitochondria deep in your body, even in your bones. And near infrared light are the only wavelengths of light that have been shown to penetrate bone tissue.

So it’s getting in everywhere. It’s healing everywhere. And it’s only this narrow band of light that does that. No other light penetrates deeply, and no other light activates human light systems.

Diane: I can hear people say, “Well, yeah, there’s near infrared in this one sauna that I want to buy,” like the ones that have the wood, the ones that we’re all typically used to seeing. There’s the full spectrum. “So, what’s the difference? That one is near,” I mean, I would think as a consumer, “Isn’t it better to have far, mid, end? Isn’t the full spectrum better than just the near ones? Do they do different things?”

Brian: So, what we want is light in its natural form. And natural light, you’re correct, is full spectrum light. An incandescent lamp is the only human light technology that produces a full spectrum emission just like the sun. The only difference is how hot it’s operating that. It’s not as hot as the sun. So the peak of the full spectrum bell curve is right in the middle of near infrared.

It’s actually an advantage to us because we’re getting a similar power level and power distribution of wavelengths as we’re designed to get from the sun. But since it’s just a little bit cooler than the sun, there’s no UV from these lamps. There’s no blue light. It doesn’t have any mutagenic effects.

The biggest problem with UV and blue (and particularly UV) is it denatures your DNA—and blue as well. Blue and UV are very similar. They’re so high energy, they damage you. They stress you out.

People know that from LED screens and from our iPhones and everything else nowadays. We have way too much of it in our lives. And at least, when we’re under the sun, as we’re getting this damaging blue and UV that’s killing us, we’re getting red and near infrared that’s regenerating us at the same time.

Indoors nowadays with our shirts on, and LED screen-s everywhere, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, and we’re not sweating, we’re not getting any healing light at all. It’s all killer light. And it’s very damaging to our health.

It’s a slow, cumulative deterioration of our health, maybe one day at a time. Then all of a sudden, we’re seeing a lot more people getting macular degeneration at very young ages, and it’s incredibly disturbing.

For example, the French OSHA—it’s called ANSII, the French Occupational Hazard Government Organization—made a broad declaration in 2015 where they said, “Do not use LED lighting for anything—in the home or the office—for any journal writing purposes. It’s so deleterious to our health. It’s so damaging to our health that you should not use it at all. It should only be used for industrial applications.”

And nobody heard about that. That wasn’t in the media. That was completely buried. But here, we have a government body saying, “Wow! These new energy-efficient LED lights are really bad for us. They’re really bad for our health. And it’s because there’s no regenerative light. There’s no red and near infrared. For the sake of energy efficiency, we are destroying our health.”

Diane: Wow! I didn’t even know that. I want to link that below, so people can read that because it’s very powerful.

Brian: Absolutely!

Diane: I hear that, and I’m like, “Oh, great! I have so many LED in my house. I didn’t know that. It’s not what I’m sitting in the sauna doing, but it’s everywhere. And it’s mandated now, especially in California. We get in trouble if we don’t have that stuff here.”

So, can we go through each one of them, Brian? I mean, I would like you to also explain the difference too. This is what, from a consumer perspective, I like. I’m in this space. Now I’m hearing people probably go, “Okay, I want to buy a sauna, but help me make my decision to decide which one to buy” because that’s where I was.

I want people to hear what you had told me, and parts of what was part of the equation as to why I got yours—and that is what they’re made of, and the EMF’s and the plastics and the off-gassing, and where are they coming from. China is the number one place a lot of these are coming from.

So, let’s let our followers and listeners know now what some of the dangers would be if they were purchasing some of these other ones that have these—EMF’s and plastics and petrochemicals and off-gassings in them especially when they heat up.

Diane: Yeah, yeah. It’s a great question. Why us? I would first like to talk about our product and say, “Why go with us?”

Number one, the right light technology. You want natural light and heat. That’s the incandescent lamp. It’s good ole’ reliable. It’s a 130-year old technology, the only human technology that makes the natural spectrum of light and heat that we’re designed to get.

It’s just a glass bulb. It’s not chemically coated. There’s no off-gassing from it at all. It’s only a $10 bulb. It’s very easy to replace.

So, number one, use the right light technology for the most effective therapy of light and heat together.

Number two, have the right space. And that’s us, that’s Sauna Space. You want to emphasize the use of extremely hypoallergenic, natural, unadulterated materials in the construction of your sauna. You don’t want anything that could potentially have chemical off-gassing issues, as well as EMF issues.

So, number one, use all-natural materials. And that’s what we’re all about. That’s our solid bass wood, the most hypoallergenic wood on earth. Everything is completely untreated. Our special hypoallergenic canvass is machine-washable, so it’s very durable. But it’s completely unadulterated by any chemicals. And it’s water-washed in this really old-school awesome way. So it’s very clean, very hypoallergenic, and very beautiful as well.

And that’s the other part of the space that I’m a big believer in. If you’re going to be in a sauna for 20 or 30 minutes, it better look good inside. It better be beautiful and pleasing on the eyes and promote a meditative state. Just like the near infrared light promotes a meditative state by calming your nervous system, so should the materials around you.

So, it’s wood, cotton and steel, these natural human elements.

Diane: Organic?

Brian: This is actually better than organic. Organic has a 5% fudge factor where they don’t have to declare. This, we very carefully basically custom-make these ourselves. And we’ve never had a return for our materials and for chemical sensitivity issues. We’ve really had that figured out.

Diane: Awesome!

Brian: And I think that’s a huge part of it because it’s a peace of mind thing.

The other thing is our design. We have a very user-friendly designed. It’s just easy to set up. It’s a full-fledged beautiful experience when it’s set up. But if need it out of the way for a week or for a month, you break it down and store in your closet. You can take it over to your friend’s house or whatever. It’s there for your use when you need it, and can be gotten out of the way when you don’t need it.

And then, finally, what I always wanted six years ago when I built my little sauna myself—taping wire, I actually used plumbing pipe and painters’ clothe from Home Depot. It was pretty ugly, but that the therapy was so amazing that it blew me away. I wasn’t astonished that there wasn’t something quality out there you could buy. Now, there is. It’s lifetime warranty; all of our products are. We guarantee performance for a very, very long time.

So, all these things come together to ensure that you have an awesome therapy, an awesome experience and great value. And if you don’t like it, we let you try it out risk-free for 100 days. If you don’t like it, it’s free shipping in the USA and free return pick-up during the 100-day trial. Almost everybody keeps it once they started using it.

Diane: Yes! Yes, okay. Let’s go through the trajectory of what people can expect in just five minutes or less (because we’re kind of running out of time here). I really want them to hear the knock-out benefits. There were things they definitely didn’t want to miss in our interview. I wrote down things that you guys really care about like, “This is what I really care about with my health of course. Yeah, we don’t want to get cancer… yeah, autoimmune disease.”

You can reverse that—I did myself. You guys, […] and healing your gut, which is all of what I’m always talking about. And a huge part of detox is having an infrared sauna in your home, doing cleanses.

I love cleanses. You guys know me as the Warrior Cleanse Creator. It’s amazing! It teaches you how to eat. But this is going to teach you how to detox.

Herbs are great, yes. Milk thistles are great, yes. But you guys are just not doing things on a regular basis. It is so easy just to sit in a sauna for 20 minutes a day, read a book, relax. It’s so much easier than to eat healthy.

So, on a trajectory of all things, this is much bigger than a lot of the things that we’re trying that are just not working as well. The more chemicals that we’re exposed to, the bigger we got to fight them off. The bigger guns we got to use to protect ourselves. This is the big gun!

There are so many chemicals now. And that, that is not stopping. The pace at which they’re releasing these synthetic chemicals that are causing our babies to have brain cancers at a very young age, that are causing infertility, that are causing women, girls, to have their periods at the age of nine, that are causing obesity, diabetes, and brain issues, ADHD and autism—all these things are toxicity, you guys. So, we need to fight bigger chemicals with bigger shields. This is your big shield.

I’m so adamant about this. Every family in America needs one of these in their home… needs one now, not yesterday.

And so, let’s talk about skin, hormones, energy, gains (like muscle gains), losses (like fat losses) and moods. So, if you can go through each one of those real quick because those are the things that people really, really care about, and those are the things that, you guys, you’re not firing at optimal levels because you are toxic.

And so, let’s start with skin. I heard you say like glutathione and collagen and stuff like that. We’re getting all these thousand dollar treatments, right?

Brian: Yeah, yeah. We’ll hit them real quick. So, near infrared light (and red light too) have been shown to promote natural collagen production in the skin. We’re naturally boosting collagen production with near infrared light and red light.

Like you said, one of the direct effects of near infrared light, stimulus of the mitochondria, is metabolism boost. And every cell of the body, it hits. You feel that!

When you sit in a sauna, you immediately feel better. It’s not a draining detox. It’s an energizing detox. You feel rejuvenated. You feel awesome. You feel happy. And that’s the light that makes you feel good.

When you get sad in the winter, it’s because you’re not getting near infrared. It’s the near infrared of the sun that you’re missing. So it absolutely affects your mood.

Diane: Seasonal affective disorders. If you guys live in cloudy areas—sorry to interrupt, Brian. But I have a lot of clients that live in cloudy areas. They get seasonal affective disorders, depression. They get it from not having enough light.

So, another one, keep going. We’ll go to mood next.

Brian: You feel that in the first session in a near infrared sauna. You feel the mood change. You feel more zen and more centered, more relaxed. And over time, you definitely feel it more as you begin to detox dramatically and deeply in every cell of your body.

But even five minutes in front of an incandescent heat lamp, a 250-watt red heat lap, you’ll feel a little bit better. When we go to shows, and we have the 3-light light panel set up on the podium, you see people at the shows just gravitate to it. They don’t know why. They’re standing in front of it. And it’s not just the heat, it’s the light. We have a natural attraction to it.

Diane: ET… ET…

Brian: Absolutely, absolutely. And it’s funny, but people look more attractive with tungsten lamps, with incandescent lamps.

Diane: Ooh, ooh… I have something to share. Check it out, Brian.

Brian: It’s this light blue light that is so yucky.

Diane: I’m a nutritionist for several doctor’s offices in Orange County. And one of the patients that I had seen—probably three years, I did like a Wellness Day. I haven’t seen her for three years, and I saw her last Sunday. She goes, “Diane, you look so much… I mean, not that you didn’t look pretty back then,” she goes, “But you look so much more amazing now. Your skin looks like it reverse aged.” And I was like, “Awww…”

That was really cool to hear because, like I said, I feel like I perform better now on the soccer field than I did when I was 21—and I’m 38. So, I started thinking like, “Wow! My skin…”

And I did Accutane. I took Accutane. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on this skin, and things only got worse. They didn’t get better.

And so now, when I’m using this sauna every day, I’m like, “I wish I would’ve known this when I was 18 years old before I took health-destroying Accutane.” And I know so many people in the world need to hear this because so many people come to me for skin issues. This is my number one recommendation, guys.

Diane: Yeah! And so it’s skin, it’s mood. Near infrared light accelerates wound and muscle healing and working with reduction of pain. The heat is detoxing us. The heat makes us also regenerates and heals. It doesn’t re-optimize the epigenetics. You need the light for that. So, the anti-aging is from the light.

But the heat, over time, improves cognitive function. It promotes BDNF production in the nerve cells […] for your brain.

Diane: And human growth hormone…

Brian: Also, human growth hormone. And that’s just heat shocking the cell. That’s not even the light.

So, we need both of these things together. And you’ll find that your things improve, whatever they are. How much easier it could be—to sit on your lazy butt and listening for 20 minutes at home?

Diane: Yeah, I know!

Brian: You’re already burnt out at the end of the day. You’re in adrenal burnout. You’re in sympathetic dominance all day long. All of life is stressing you out. This is an escape. This is the sun in your home awaiting you every night, so that you can be happy again, regenerate and heal.

And also, the meditative thing, we don’t meditate much in the west. It’s such a powerful, positive thing.

This near infrared light relaxes the nervous system that naturally promotes a meditative state. Even if you’re an agitated, anxious person, it will force you to chill out, to be cool.

Diane: And then, we go to sleep after that too, so people’s sleep is improving too, right?

Brian: Yeah, absolutely. That was my biggest concern. I had a real bad insomnia and mind-racing. My insomnia went away within a number of days of using my sauna—almost completely—getting into this hard.

And that’s the [principle] of relaxation. Our nervous system needs to be relaxed to have good, efficient sleep, and so we’re ready to go for the next day. If not, it’s a domino effect that totally messes up the next day and so on and forth. We get stuck in a toxic cycle of weakness and limitations.

So, this is a way to break out of it in a very safe, easy, fun fashion in the comfort of your home. Everybody can use it. It’s not just you. Everyone in the family can use it. It’s pretty much…

Diane: Even dogs? Can dogs use it too?

Brian: Yeah! Cats and dogs. Animals also have mitochondrias.

Diane: She wants to come in all the time. When I’m in there, she just keeps poking her nose, and I’m like, “I think it’s okay for her to come in here.” And she love it!

Brian: Absolutely! Nothing wrong with that.

Diane: And then, if you guys are sleeping better obviously, then you’re going to wake up with more energy the next day, and you’re not going to—sorry, coffee, I wrote an 18-page article on this.

Coffee, when we are in this state that Brian keeps referring to, we’re just running on a cortisol spike all day long. Coffee is just doing more of the same, and just taxing us even more. This isn’t the best way to actually get you better sleep, quality sleep, so you’re restoring and regenerating your tissues, and you’re waking up with more energy, and you won’t need coffee so much.

I can’t tell you how many women I’ve pulled off coffee, and they feel better. They don’t feel cracked out all day. They’re less irritable. They’re more present with their children and their families. They have a better sex drive. They’re more hydrated.

So, there are a lot of things about this. It’s not just one thing. It’s everything!

And I do want to say one last thing before we get into like “Guys, get this, here’s how it’s going to be super easy. Brian’s making it really affordable for us, we warriors,” and it’s this:

The heavy metals that we’re exposed to today are off the charts. I do heavy metal testing. And I see how many metals we’re exposed to. Mercury is a really toxic one;

Cadmium, especially if you’re around cigarette smoke when you were a kid like I was or if you smoke or if you’re on the e-cig or you smoke a lot of weed, lots of cadmium;

Uranium is super high on Southern California. It’s everywhere. We breathe it in. We have no choice.

And I’m going to link below, you guys. It’s going to blow your mind, all these statistics on people that are exposed to this stuff.

Mold now, 10% to 50% of homes in America have high levels of mold. And then if you add mold and EMF’s that are in all of these standard wooden saunas, it amplifies the toxins that these mold releases by 600 times.

And if mold is that prevalent and that common, if you go sit in the sauna thinking you’re doing yourself a good thing, it’s actually doing the opposite. That’s why it’s so, so important.

So, pain, I have suffered my entire life with lower back pain. And I’m finally breaking through it—finally. I can literally feel more bend and flexibility in my lower back. And I know it’s because I’m detoxing heavy metals. And it takes years to detox these heavy metals.

So, you guys, if it takes years to detox these toxic heavy metals—which, if you want to run a test, contact me, I’ll run one for you. No big deal! Awesome. You’ll get to see this. It’s insanely amazing. And then you’ll use the sauna to get it out. You can’t just take one thing like cilantro and expect these metals that have been around for decades in your body being stored deep in your tissues—it’s not going to cut it, you guys. I tried it years and years and years. Don’t just do the small things. This is a big thing.

But the pain part, Brian, let’s do the math. If we’re recommending like, what, five times a week, right, like 20 minutes sessions?

Brian: Yeah, at least. At least three to five times a week.

Diane: So, in Orange County, it’s $35 for one session or you can spend $150 or $200 a month. If I need to go five times a week—let’s just say the unlimited, the $150 times 12 months, that’s $1800. If there’s two of us, if I was married, let’s say, and you’re both going to the sauna, that’s $3600 a year I’m spending to get the sauna unlimited. That’s a lot of money.

And then, if you multiply that up to 10 years, it’s $38,000. And it could take that long to get metals out of your body, you guys. I’ve been doing this for eight years, and I’m finally seeing some pretty big breakthroughs. And I know it’s because of all the other stuff, plus the sauna—plus the infrared sauna. I’ve done saunas before, but not infrared, and not my home, and not this consistent.

So, let’s talk about the special that we’re offering the warriors, and then I’m going to start doing some other math too because it’s also the opportunity cost of not having your health and what you have to spend later on in pharmaceuticals or other treatments that you need after you’re broken down on the side of the road feeling like crap. And it’s also the time savings too.

So, let’s talk about the offer, Brian, because this is where I think people are going to get blown away.

Brian: Yeah! So, we’re offering all you all in the Kazer community a special 5% off coupon code for whatever you want at It’s valid for one purchase for each user. And you can buy as much or as little as you want.

Most people buy our Pocket Sauna. It’s our turnkey solution—lights, enclosure, stool and travel bags, everything you’ll ever need to do near infrared sauna for pretty much the rest of your life (except for a set of towels).

For those of you who have buyers’ remorse because you already have a far infrared cabinets on and you’ve got the right light tech, it’s high EMF and problematic, you can buy just the light panel and upgrade your cabinet, tune your friend to the right light technology.

And we also have a shower converter product that’s kind of between the two. It’s for more narrow demographic, for people who just don’t have room for the sauna at home that want the full body sweat therapy and the full body experience which is definitely the most effective and the most optimal. And that is pretty cool. It converts a standard shower stall into a sexy Sauna Space near infrared sauna in two minutes.

Diane: That’s awesome! So, you guys, just so you know, you already saw the video before this of me walking into my room. I have the Pocket Sauna. So that one is $3000, right, Brian?

Brian: Yeah, it’s normally $2999. The light panel is normally $999. And the Shower Converter kit is normally $19.99.

Diane: Cool!

Brian: And like I said before, it’s all lifetime warranty. It’s manufactured with love here in Missouri, USA. And we do free shipping and free return shipping in the USA and a hundred day trial. What kind of company or product lets you try out your product for 100 days, and honest to god, return it used for 100% refund if you’re not satisfied? We do that.

Diane: Here’s the math I didn’t do, guys. As you may know, I was a financial planner for seven years before this, and I sold my company, so I could do this because I wanted to invest in your health.

It would be $3000 – 5% which means $2850. So now, we’re already at a thousand dollar savings if you’re living with two people going to the sauna unlimited for a year.

And then, you can finance that with Paypal—like Brian and I was just talking about—over six months at zero percent. So it ends up being $475 a month, and it’s paid off, you own it, you can let anybody use it all the time.

Also, the biggest factor was the time savings. For me, I live next to a toll road. I would have to spend $5 to get there or an extra 15 minutes. So it’s basically 30 minutes to an hour to get there and back.

So, really, when you think about what is your time worth, if you’re doing this five times a week, and you’re spending 30 minutes to get there and back, then that’s like 2 ½ hours. If you get paid $100 an hour, that’s a lot of money. That’s $250 right there.

So, what is the opportunity cost of the lost time that you’re now going to gain from having it in your house?

And then, just not to mention, period, the use of it. Using this consistently is what’s going to get you the biggest benefit. It’s not going to do you as much good if you’re doing it maybe two times a week. It’s a huge difference, isn’t it, Brian?

Brian: It’s still better than nothing, but…

Diane: Better than nothing.

Brian: I would say at least three times a week. And you want a full body sweat response for five minutes or so. That’s when you’re maximally detoxing. So, not just five minutes in there; you got to stay in there for at least 20 minutes or more. Get that full body sweat going on for at least five minutes or so. That’s when you’re gaining maximum healing, maximum detox. So yeah, at least three times a week.

Diane: Yeah, for sure.

Now, how many people can you fit in there, Brian, two or one? I’ve only been there by myself.

Brian: I actually had four people in there at the shower. That was just kind of for fun. Two normal-sized people can use it, totally, and very enjoyably if they’re very intimate with each other, or a parent and a child as well. If you’re a bigger guy or gal—

And frankly, if you just want it to yourself, it’s really nice to just be on our own. It’s your own secret special space. It’s your time. You’ve finally taken time for yourself.

That’s another thing. Nobody does that nowadays. We’re trying to help each other. We’re always trying to help each other, and help the family, and help the friends, and work really hard, and survive in this modern world. Nobody takes time for themselves. That’s not a selfish thing. It’s a good thing—but the right time, not TV time, healing time.

Diane: Yeah, yeah. And don’t bring your TV in there with you, guys. Don’t cheat. This is a time for yourself to think and get close to the highest in yourself. That’s what meditation does.

Last question, Brian, I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Well, how much does it cost to run, to plug it in?” Is it going to be like this really expensive blow dryer, running it like…

Brian: Oh, yeah, great question. No big deal at all! It’s 1000 watts, so that’s 1 kilowatt hour (so for one hour of use). Average kilowatt per hour cost in America is ¢12 to ¢20. So we’ll say it costs ¢15 an hour to run. It’s really nothing.

Diane: That’s such a roadblock. Now, I’m definitely convinced not to buy it. Fifteen cents is nothing!

Brian: Yeah, operating costs are not a concern with this type of sauna.

Diane: So, you guys, that’s kind of a no-brainer. The whole thing is a no-brainer to me. My first conversation with Brian, I was like, “I’m in!” I gave my credit card number, done! Easy—for me anyway, because I’ve been doing it for so long that it was such a relief to find someone that has like no toxic chemicals, that it’s super easy to fit in the corner, that it looks really nice, and it’s super lightweight, it’s easy to use, there are risks at all, no tax, no shipping. It was just such a no-brainer.

What is your health worth to you? And what’s your beauty worth? People are spending that much easy—like easy. Three thousand dollars on these chemical peel treatments and laser treatments, and they’re just making things worse. This is like your peel from the inside-out that you have in your house all the time.

So, that’s it! It’s a hundred day trial. It’s free shipping to and from, no risk. No tax unless you’re in Missouri. You can finance it for six months at zero percent. And it’s ¢15 per hour to run.

So, I think I pretty much just covered it all, didn’t I? And then, you get your discount, your coupon code, which is…

I call it my [hot hut]… and your code, you guys, is HotKazer to get the 5% off.

Brian: I was just going to say that we’re going to go ahead and kick it up a notch here because you’re so cool and I like you so much. For the first five people, we’re going to make an additional coupon code for another 5%. It’s going to be HotKazer10. HotKazer10, the first five people that use that are going to get another 5%, so you get a 10% off using both coupon codes together.

Diane: What?!

Brian: And again, that will only be for the first five people from your community who purchase. So that’s another incentive.

Diane: That’s amazing, Brian. Thank you. I’m sure by the time people are watching this video, I probably would’ve already texted that to a lot of my friends who are like, “I want this. I want this now.” But I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. But that’s amazing! Thank you, Brian.

Brian: Well, thank you for having me, Diane. Really, I’m so happy you tried out the product, and you totally dig it. I’m really pumped. I look forward to talking again.

Diane: Alright! I think everyone, just like I said, should have a cellphone and an infrared sauna from Sauna Space in their house in the corner, looking at them, asking for love, wishing that you would give it a 20- to 30-minute love. Lay down before you go to bed every night. And just watch how your life, and your skin, and your energy, and your mind, and your sex life, and everything changes. You need this, guys. Go check it out!

And if any of you guys have any questions about which product is right for you, then Brian, how do they get a hold of you guys?

Brian: They can give us a call, Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00, 844-999-5858 or just email us, We’re very accessible. You can get us on Facebook as well. We’re all about connecting directly with you whenever and however you need to. We take very good care of our customers, absolutely!

Diane: He does, Diane Kazer approved.

Alright, guys, I’m out! Detox with Di, you guys know what I’m all about. And this is primarily it—getting the crap out of your life, so that you could live abundantly and beautifully everywhere you go. Bye, loves!

Brian: Thanks, Diane.

Diane: Thanks, Brian.


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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”