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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.” – Carl Jung

Toxins aside, our children today and the inner children within us face a much larger health and happiness threat…the pressure to DO and achieve, hustle, succeed…and the shame if we don’t meet our perception of others’ expectations and do what others ‘think’ we should do…our experience of what our parents want us to accomplish. 

This podcast is a VITALLY important deep dive into the ROOT CAUSE of why we struggle and suffer symptoms. Those symptoms should be addressed FIRST before embarking on any kind of health journey. , or at the very least alongside physical healing protocols, and especially detox programs. 

If you want more time, money, energy…this is the entry point. 

And this is the true path to freedom from sickness, symptoms and suffering that I have witnessed in clients I’ve worked with that before digging into and detox-ing this ‘trauma’, didn’t get the results they wanted…including reversing advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto’s and other types of Autoimmune Disease where doctors said ‘You’ll always have these symptoms and this drug is the only solution’. 

In this conversation, I am joined by Jator Pierre, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, to talk about our relationships with others, and how our childhood shapes our outlook of our lives.  Jator and I are trained in this approach as Holistic Health Coaches by addressing inner child trauma and conflict, so if you would crave support and would like to dig deeper, please reach out to either of us.

Enjoy! And be prepared for some major AHA moments.

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Today, we’re talking about our parents’ influence that lingers in our adult lives; the emotional burden that comes with being ill, and how to stop incorporating illness into our identity. This could be difficult, especially if you’ve been dealing with chronic illness for a very long time, but needs to be recognized as a step forward.

We also discuss everything from complex parent-child relationships to projection in relationships; and learning to accept the shades of grey that infiltrate our daily life.

What is something that your parents taught you that still resonates with you, either good or bad? Comment below!

In this episode

-How to stop letting your illness define you.

-Learning to accept that everything has purpose and meaning…the path to stop shaming and self sabotaging yourself.

-Finding purpose outside of external factors.Why getting ‘triggered’, having ‘anger’ and symptoms are GOOD things, and what to do when they show up.

-Opening up your mind and your heart to people while separating ourselves from the way others navigate life.

-How to get compassionate and even grateful with the symptoms that we experience, and think of them as consider them our teachers.


Jator Pierre

Jator Pierre

Read Jator’s bio- extremely insightful and refreshing.

“All of the parts of myself, Jator… the eternal seeker, the vlogger, the comic-obsessed hockey player, and the lifestyle & wellness coach are all dedicated to helping you understand all the parts of you because it is only through curiosity and self understanding that you can make the best choices for your health and well-being to truly THRIVE! 

I have always been an observer and a freedom seeker. I was drawn into this work nearly 20 years ago from a place of curiosity and that’s how I live my life and do my work… CURIOSITY is what it all comes back to. 

I chose this work because I learned through my own struggle with weight and shame that a fully integrative approach is a prerequisite to healing. Along that journey I refused to try to be something that I am not… I couldn’t fathom wearing a suit and going to work in a cubicle cage everyday. I am who I am, what’ ya see is what ya get. I make no pretense and I make no adjustment for it. You can rest in the knowing that I have no objective for you but the one you have for yourself. I have no agenda to push, no path that I want you to be on. I am a facilitator for you to uncover your way and a teammate to help you follow that path to your ultimate self expression.”


Did you know that every symptom is rooted in toxicity?

Take a look at the supplements you’re taking right now. You may even be spending hundreds of dollars on them. 

-Are they doing what you bought them with the intention of achieving?

-Are you feeling a difference? 

-Do they make you feel better? 

-Or are you just taking them because someone told you to?

When you go through and take my NeuroToxic Quiz, you will get a customized score for you and recommendations for the supplements that I recommend, the packages, the detoxification support, far beyond many things that most people are doing. 

I also recommend that you download my free e-book, Are Toxins the Root Cause of your Symptoms?, because it will tell you about all the statistics and the history of how we got to where we are today with our food system.

I look forward to hearing about what you learn with the quiz, what you learn about yourself, and ultimately hearing how these supplements are going to help you in your journey to find optimal wellness, to cleanse your body, heal your hormones, and ignite your life.



“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.” Carl Jung [6:27]

“It’s necessary to experience what upsets you because behind that is some sort of shame that you’re hiding.” [13:50]

“A lot of parents, people,and kids, we take a tremendous amount of responsibility around how others navigate life.” [31:15]

“The process to free us from our shame is to recognize that we never will.” [41:51]



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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”