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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!


Let’s face it. Today we have all the knowledge we need at our fingertips with endless articles on the internet. It has taken me decades to learn what I have to share this wisdom I have amassed with you. Just as I have done in the past, I CAN things out myself, AND I can DO them myself…but I hire people to hold me accountable, keep me on track and most importantly, KEEP THE MOMENTUM toward my goal so it STICKS. This is one of the MAIN reasons people hire me, combined with being completely overwhelmed after working with dozens of doctors and leaving with not only more prescription drugs, but a diagnosis of ‘we don’t know what’s wrong with you’ and ‘it’s all in your head, maybe this anti depressant will numb your worry about these symptoms’.

We take the hard work, pain, continued dead end doctors appointments plus drive time, gas and parking expenses, questions, ego and nonsense claims like ‘diet has nothing to do with it’ out of it and we replace it with faith, excitement, sensible explanations, practical protocols, preparation for real life challenges (like what can I eat when I’m on the go), and more! What you’ll take away from this is MAJOR life extensions and vitality upgrades that will change your life forever.  Click on the image or CLICK HERE to READ OUR YELP REVIEWS and see the crystal ball of your future when you take this next step! What you can expect?  MAGIC. Expect miracles.  🙂  Diane has a unique, divine way of transforming those who seek out her love and healing energy.

Increase your productivity in life by at least 20%…GUARANTEED!

What would YOU do with 5 extra ‘hours’ per day? 😉

Package options for Diane’s consulting services

OPTION 1 – PREMIER ‘TUNE-UP’ 8 week partnership – Point me in the Right Direction

$1,200 Nutritional Consult for entire program

This program is ideal for clients who claim to be ‘doing all the right things’ but still don’t feel well or OPTIMAL.  Also an AWESOME choice for super star athletes who want an edge on performance.  ‘Doing all the right things’ includes adequate rest/sleep, eating clean, regular exercise/yoga, etc.  We explore root cause disfunction through advanced labs that will take you from a 7/8 to a 10 and beyond!!!


  • ONE 60 minute results and recommendations comprehensive consultation to review the results and meaning of your personal lab tests in detail, and discover what you can do NOW to improve your health – no guessing here, we look inside you with real functional medicine tools to discover root causes of disease. This gives us our start point and order in which we work to remove, restore, repair and rebalance your body. THIS UNCOVERS THE KEY CLUES TO HELP ME, HELP YOU BECOME SUPERHUMAN.
  • Includes 3 follow ups – after 60 minute session, we emeet every other week for 30 minute Nutrition Consultations
  • 30 day HEALING PROTOCOL with Monthly revisions customized to progress and goals.
  • Unlimited access to Diane’s Online Program, The Warrior Cleanse for additional guidance, tools, resources and education.
  • Unlimited access to our Private Facebook Group lead by Diane. Also connect and collaborate with Diane’s other clients.
  • Sample Calendar – TIMELINE = 3 MONTHS
    • Jan 1 = COMMITMENT MADE – YES!!!
    • Start The Warrior Cleanse; Your Healing Journey begins here
    • Jan 8 = you receive labs in mail (take 1 week to read, collect, send)
    • Jan 15 = labs sent in (results received within 1 month)
    • Feb 15 = DISCOVERY Call to Discuss lab results & Recommendations. Order healing herbs in protocol.
    • Bi-Weekly calls for 6 weeks to keep you on course and adjust according to your lifestyle, schedule, goals, response to protocol, symptoms etc.
    • April 1 = GRADUATION

OPTION 2 – PLATINUM – 6 month Total Life Transformation


This program is ideal for clients who are looking to get started or refine their nutritional and wellness protocol.  Maybe you’ve tried ‘shake’ programs or template cleanses, eat somewhat clean, travel a lot and ‘try’ to eat healthy, but your efforts are waning, and you want to take your life to a whole other level.  It’s possible you’ve been diagnosed with one or more diseases and/or have been told your test results appear normal ‘you’re perfectly healthy’, yet you don’t feel it.  Not to worry, we’ll explore every area of your life to determine what’s holding you back from feeling YOUR BEST EVER, which may include exploration of labs, and will also include consideration of previous labs completed (if within 6 months).



  • SAVE $200 PER MONTH ($1,200 VALUE)
  • 3 extra months of private consultations with Diane. (Value $950, pay only $750 per month). The first 3 months working with her gets you feeling amazing, the last 3 helps you retain the lifestyle you need to maintain it! What’s the point of investing in transforming if it doesn’t stick?
  • WEEKLY 30 minute Nutrition Consultations for the first 3 weeks of each month
  • unlimited email support
  • Enjoy Diane on retainer for entire partnership. Unlimited value
  • The most POPULAR package! 90% of our clients chose this because their friends who referred them did too, and realized that the ONLY way to make lasting change is through habit forming, which is statistically proven to form after 30 days of dedicated practice. With 5 pillars of health we are working on transforming, we focus on one new habit forming per month in this partnership, to ensure long term and permanent change which = long term and permanent results and vitality.
  • Sample Calendar: TIMELINE = 6 MONTHS
    • Jan 1 = COMMITMENT MADE – YES!!!
    • Start The Warrior Cleanse; Your Healing Journey begins here
    • Jan 8 = first meeting with Diane.  If labs recommended, you receive labs in mail (take 1 week to read, complete, send).
    • Jan 15 = labs sent in (results received within 1 month)
    • Feb 15 = DISCOVERY Call to Discuss lab results & Recommendations. Order healing herbs in protocol.
    • Jul 1 = Graduation!  Email any loose ends… we move into a consultation basis from here, and work together as needed! Option to renew for another partnership or monthly journey sessions to retain all you’ve learned.

Potential Labs we May Use for your Healing Journey to Superhuman

Lab fees are paid separate from Diane’s Partnership & PAID DIRECT to lab. Kits will ship to your home & directions on how to complete will be provided once you commit to the program. Prices vary depending on insurance.  If no insurance, we pass on our ‘doctor price’ for kits to you. 

  • Hormone Panel (saliva) – determines your bodies production of unbound sex, sleep and stress hormones, etc. A window into the function of the adrenals – energy levels, weight & immunity
  • Food Sensitivities/Allergies/Intolerances (blood) – IgG Food Sensitivities, IgE Molds/spices/inhalants + IgA Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity
  • GastroIntestinal Function & Pathogen Screen (stool) – explores digestive function, inflammatory markers, healthy bacteria population, pathogens such as candida, parasites, bacterial infections (super common)
  • Intestinal Permeability ‘leaky gut’ test (urine) – examines the extent to which cell wall lining of the digestive track is leaky. Proven the key trigger to auto immune disease, skin attacks, hair loss, adrenal fatigue (hormone imbalance), poor digestion as well as purported the root to cancer and obesity
  • Thyroid Panel (blood) – assesses 5 markers instrumental in thyroid health; 3 hormones & 2 antibodies. Most endocrinologists do not run this lab with these markers
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth test (breath) – explores measures of bacteria in Small Intestine, where they should not inhabit. Root cause of bloat, constipation, skin issues, mood disorders
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – checks mineral levels, imbalances as well as detects heavy metal toxicity
  • NutrEval (urine/blood) – OUR MOST POPULAR TEST – determines your body’s nutrient needs and deficiencies, which I customize a supplement, herbal and amino acid blend/formula from this. Also checks for heavy metal toxicity, pre diabetes, essential fatty acids


As a MASSIVE value added for working with Diane one on one, you get 25% off most herbs she recommends. Average clients/patients spend around $100-200 per month for healing herbs, depending on the state of their health. The greater the investment in the beginning, the closer your path to Superhuman!

Flex Spending Account?

Many of our clients and patients pay us direct for partnership and healing herbs, then submit for reimbursement. Please check with your FSA/HSA plan administrator for options. Since we work on a team of doctors, often they allow this when headlined with our invoice. We see the majority of our clients/patients are reimbursed for the investments in this partnership, and if not, keep track of your expenses so you can itemize them on your taxes under ‘medical expenses’. Consult with your CPA for details.

What we need from you to Get Started!

COMMIT to your health transformation and your future vitality with either:

  • PREMIER ‘TUNE UP’ 3 MONTH = $1200 OR $650 for first month
  • PLATINUM ‘TRANSFORMATION’ 6 MONTHS = $750 first month partnership

To get started, all you need to do is say ‘LET’S DO THIS’ and I’ll set up your account with Irvine Spine and Sport, so you can handle the payment there.  🙂


Success Stories

“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

Watch Our Training

“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”