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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

I know I need to change. I know I need transformation. I just don't know exactly what that could look like because I feel like I've tried everything. Diane, I've been following your work for about five years, and I've just been silently following everything that you say and it feels like you're speaking to my heart, feels like you're speaking to my soul.


I want to share an amazing story with you today. There’s a lot to celebrate in this woman that came to me, Janesa L., who waited for a long time to reach out to me because perhaps part of her wasn’t really ready to do something about it.

She came to me, and you’ll listen to her in this journey as we do shed a lot of tears in this one. You’ll probably be able to relate to it because it’s a real woman’s journey of feeling loss and feeling like nobody would understand her emotions and her sadness or what to do to help fix her because a big part of her believed that she was broken. She was struggling with a lot of things when she came to me. She was struggling with her emotions, her gut. She had trauma from childhood wounds and a lot of stress. And she didn’t know if there was anything that she could do about it because she’d been taking 10 supplements plus a day. She tried all different kinds of doctors and labs and treatments to figure out what’s wrong with her. But she just felt like she was lifeless. 

Take a listen to what she went through to find her freedom, and I have a feeling that every single one of you listening is going to relate and resonate with everything that she says because there are many paths to freedom and wellness and feeling the best that we were designed to feel. And hers is a windy path, just like yours might be.

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Janesa’s story is a wake-up call for us all. That if we can really, really get real and have a relationship with our bodies and learn to listen to them and understand what they’re trying to say, then we can find our freedom. We can be free from the symptoms and the suffering and the sickness that plagues us every single day.

In this episode

How to beat the self-soothing behaviors that are slowly KILLING YOU

The reason how one addiction can slyly turn into another

The loss of passion can turn into RECLAIMED PURPOSE with CHI

How the healing journey is not meant to be perfect

A very beautiful yet HOT MESS-TERPIECE of a journey that may be closer to yours than you think

Roots and

My Message for Those Struggling:

There’s a lot of you out there. You’re going to a lot of different doctors. You’re going to do a lot of different prescriptions. You’re even trying antidepressants. In this case, Janesa was doing many of these things. She was numbing out with food. She didn’t realize how much she was numbing out with food until we started really analyzing. She went through AA to get rid of her alcoholism addiction.

But the addiction patterns did not stop with AA. They simply transferred from alcohol over to sugar, carbohydrates, gluten. And when I looked at her soul tests and her hormone tests, and she was able to see what her labs are trying to say because I helped them help what my clients understand through my filter of how we are swallowing our emotions and how we’re taking our anger and frustration and sadness out on our body. We wear our emotions on our sleeve and they show up with symptoms, but many of us feel powerless to it. Like there’s nothing that we can do. So we continue to numb out.

Janesa’s story is like so many of we women who have been shamed and belittled and harassed to just take the pill because that was what was next for her. She didn’t know how to numb out any more because the food was no longer working. She didn’t have her alcohol. So she was finally willing to face herself.

The healing journey is not meant to be perfect. It’s not meant to be 100% clear. It’s a mess. It can be very messy. But what I say to my clients is you can be a hot mess and a masterpiece at the same time. I call it a hot masterpiece.

Janesa, I love you. And every one of you warriors listening and who have supported me on this path on CHI and the Cleanse Heal Ignite Podcast, I love you as well. So please take that love, bring it to your heart, turn this into wisdom and feel some of the parts of you that maybe you have swallowed back for a very long time, thinking that you needed permission from someone else like myself to feel. Emotions are there to teach you something, not to torture you.

-Diane Kazer


“[Janesa] is finally feeling the emotions she suppressed, that we found living in her gut. Why do we have disease? We ignore these emotions like they’re bad. If they continue to get the best of you, and live and you, and hurt you, then yes, they’re bad. But to feel them, is to free them.” [50:56]

“My message is: you can afford it, you’re not too busy with kids. We make the time for what we want and we make the time for what’s important. When we don’t have time for something, it’s because we aren’t making it important enough.” [1:13:00]

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”