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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

Who doesn’t want a #niceass?  Well for the #aesthetics, of course!  But the FEELING of a strong butt is empowering!  There are many references to our butts that perhaps carry more weight with regard to ‘strength’ than any other part of our body, such as:

  • She’s bad ass
  • You’ve got a great ass
  • We kicked ass today

Then, there’s pop culture that SCREAMS ‘ass envy’, with how you shake it, how you sport it and sadly often, how much you reveal it.  I say…a great ass is one that YOU love the feel of.  In your clothes, when you move, and yes…when you make love.  As a single woman, who has aspired to attract the right ‘soulmate’ for the right reasons, one thing I have learned across all experts is that ‘CONFIDENCE IS THE SEXIEST’ dress we’ll ever sport…to a man, to a woman, to anyone.  Confidence is hot.  And without feeling sexy, we’re not!

I’ll never forget when an X rated my ass a ‘7’ the month before a #bodybuilding show.  At first, I took it personal…I obsessed in the mirror over it, grew envious over other women’s butts (why can’t I have hers?  Why can’t mine look like THAT (and will never) #genetics), and I even drew the same negative attention/approval from others that it was as I thought…a 7.  He rated me a 7, I owned it, through the #lawofattraction, I brought more of the same: #youtube comments that I needed to work on my ass, because it was the most underdeveloped part of my body.  Of course, part of it is structural because I have low back injuries and limitations (herniations), but I had to ask myself ‘Am I doing all I should be doing to balance my body with a #badass’?

The answer was NO…in part because with low back injuries, it can hurt to train hard on #glutes day (not to mention the chakras involved in this area).  I can’t squat as low as one needs to, to build deep glutes.  So, through training with my trainer and friends, I did my best, which is all you can do. We even developed a cheeky term for me: #glutefree

Over time, this ‘your ass is not perfect’ curse I put upon myself became a blessing…a place for growth and acceptance for me in areas I very much needed. From it grew #acceptance, #selflove and non #judgment. I developed a keen sense of ‘where am I judging others’ which starts from within ‘where am I judging myself?’

And how we do one thing is how we do everything. So if we are judging ourself in this area in our lives, we are either consciously or subconsciously judging others for the same thing. I catch myself now, when I’m in a space of ‘envy’ with others, it is a reflection awareness for me to ask ‘where am I not loving myself right now. And why? Is this an ‘old story’ or a new one?’ And knowing that none of it is true, NONE of it is, I can redirect my thoughts to that of compassion and love, and free myself from my own ridicule.

So in a funny sense, my quest for better #ass grew into my best spiritual #asset.

BOTTOM LINE: You, yourself among everyone else, deserve your love and attention.

Do you have a body part you once carried shame around, that became one of your greatest teachers?


First you’ve got to get rid of the ‘pain in your asses’ in your life.

You know, like the one I referred to in this blog.

Second, you must INjoy your Butt building exercises, and if possible try to accomplish two in one type of movements.  Like THIS one. I made this with no idea it would become one of my most watched Youtube videos, but rebounding is becoming VERY popular and here’s why:

Part of my evolution to feeling, owning and living in this ‘sexy ass’ of mine was SELF CARE. ie – how can I love on myself more so I can simultaneously, love the way I look? There are quite a few things I’ve learned over the last 7 years as a competitor, fitness model and nutritionist.


I used to have some cellulite, that a few of my bodybuilding trainers suggested I work on, so ‘here rub this (toxic) oil on your glutes’. I did…but it didn’t work super well and wasn’t cheap either. Then, I learned something AMAZING that not only, reduced the appearance of cellulite on my butt, it also made my skin super smooth, baby soft and consistent texture, it also helped me to detox the gunk just underneath the skins surface that not only causes skin imperfections but also excess adipose, which we all know – the more fat we carry, the less energy we have and the less we’re in the mood to exercise it off.

I share my secrets in this  FREE HORMONE MASTERCLASS ...  We’ve got you covered so you don’t have to ‘cover up’.

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”