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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!


Uh Huh!  Once our clients start hearing the truth as to what will bring them back to life, this is their main first observation.  Sooooo….

Today, we ask the question:

What are the Top 5 Reasons Having a Health Coach will Keep you at Rock Star status, getting 35% more done daily & not to mention, enjoying that thing called SOCIAL TIME. (that includes sex, my friends)

  • People go in to see their dentist every 6 months for a cleaning…WHY?
    Because their dentist told them they should.
  • People go in to see their doctor every year for a check up….WHY?
    Because insurance/their doctor/mom told them they should.
  • People see a nutritionist/functional medicine specialist a few times in their life if that…WHY?
    Because they were desperate for help, exhausted all other options, and heard that this person may be able to help them…
  • They finally get relief, they were healthy for a while, then slipped back into bad habits again.
    WHY?  Because they were no longer being held accountable…and no one told them they should come back for annual visits … to ensure you’re not that DESPERATE person again – looking for someone to sweep up the mess we most often cause ourselves by not making our health priority.CUE TODAYS MESSAGE.

“Remove the cause and the effect will cease.” ~Samuel Thomson

So…what ARE these causes, really?
I thought ’causes’ were symptoms…
Nope…symptoms are the EFFECTS of the causes we have control over, mostly…
Read on…


  • Because you’ve probably veered off track in some way.

    9 out of 10 people we surveyed do well for the first month, still ok after 2 and then the moment we hit the 3 month mark, life ‘happens’ and they get super busy…and FALL OFF.  🙁

    So we asked…how can we make it easier for you to be healthier for longer?

    And now we have an answer… We know when clients start with us, they have EVERY intention of continuing on, but what I would say 80% of our clients and patients have shared with me…is this. “Diane, the moment I realized, I didn’t have a future appt set up with you where I would have to admit to you what I had eaten to undo all of the progress we made in the beginning, was the moment the rebel in me kicked in ‘I can just have a bite of this cake, cookie, candy, crap….when I didn’t have YOU to be held accountable by, the devil on my shoulder kicked off the angel and I went back to square 1. ”

    Normally, as you experienced if you’ve worked with me, if we’re doing labs, most of the first month, is shipping labs to you, preparing for them and then taking steps to complete them. After that, while we await your results, we start your elimination diet of cutting the obvious junk food & environmental toxins from your life, like sugar, soy, processed food, gluten, dairy, etc. From there, we have you take surveys and use your medical history to determine which macros your body prefers and teach you how to build YOUR bodys ideal plate – how much protein, how many carbs, fat, etc


    ie – New Job, baby, relationship, taste buds, travel schedule, stress

    Our most common female comes in super tired, can’t lose weight, no sex drive, cravings through the roof, hair falling out, and sleeps horribly. No joke. Even 1 event in your life can have far reaching consequences if not addressed and you fall deeper down the rabbit hole. AND…When the body is placed under a great amount of stress (internal and external, conscious and subconscious), it breaks down.  For most everyone we see, this means, a SHUT DOWN Adrenal system (fatigue) and Thyroid (weight gain, mood, sleep, etc).

    We continue to see one of the BIGGEST issues in the medical industry in terms of neglect, as the thyroid and hormones being unaddressed. This is referred to as your endocrine system. Primary care physicians and even endocrinologists will check only 1 maybe 3 hormone markers in your thyroid, vs 6 that are critical. After decades of being sent away with a ‘healthy thyroid’ I see women all the time, including myself, whose thyroid was being attacked by our own immune system by accident…leaving us tired, low sex hormones, unable to lose weight, cold, hairless, and moody among other things.

    THIS is the epidemic of auto immune disease that is largely a BIG disagreement between practitioners like us and conventionally trained doctors today. YES, diet has EVERYTHING to do with it and YES this is reversible. You don’t have to be sick and tired all the time and THIS is one of the MAIN reasons we’re stressing more regular contact with us…our success rates of seeing our clients get well is increasing, perhaps because more people are coming in ill and hopeless after doctors tell them there’s nothing they can do, other than take this drug! Nonsense. Getting off drugs is one of the testimonials we’re most proud of although we can’t be the one to tell you to stop taking it!


    The Gut Microbiome project is one in particular we Functional medicine practitioners follow…and it changes almost DAILY. The probiotics I recommended a year ago are no where near the same we recommend today, as that research is always evolving. I just found out something new the other day in fact. You may not like hearing it, or may think it’s gross…it’s estimated that over 90% of us have parasite INFECTIONS…like they’ve grown out of proportion and taken residence in our body, stealing our nutrients from foods and vitamins we consume. Call them thieves for lack of better words.

    I’m eating so healthy, and exercising regularly, but I’m still not seeing results!

    You could eat the healthiest foods in the world, yet if you have more good bugs than bad, they’ll eat your B and iron, rendering you tired and anemic (just take iron? Says your doctor…hmmmm that could make things even WORSE!)…they LOVE sugar, so it’s no wonder why our food cravings for carbs and dairy is off the chart. It’s worm food! LOL we have to laugh at it. My first few tests when I became a practitioner revealed parasites, candida yeast, bacteria AND heavy metal excess. I had a lot of work to do…and we find that with most people we work with.

    We have better success with total health transformation when we have regular client check ups and have even just kicked off a membership option where you can stay even more on top of your health by having access to us daily year round. How cool is that? Parasites like giardia, which is the most popular we see in America on stool tests, create a kind of gluten intolerance. And there are others associated with lactose intolerance too. Bugs can only grow, nest, and take over where there is an ‘OPEN FOR BUSINESS’, red carpet laid out for them. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make after working with an average of 10 doctors before landing on our welcome mat, is that:

    #1 – they assume that they CAN’T possibly have any bad bugs, like parasites….because they didn’t travel abroad.
    NEWS FLASH dude:  There’s bugs everywhere, always have been – no more than ever in our WATER, COMMERCIAL MEAT, FOOD ANIMALS ARE FED, ENVIRONMENTAL…problem is our immunity has now been lowered, as a species, with all of our stress today…so we aren’t as equipped to properly fight them off.
    We can say in general…ASSUMING GETS US NO WHERE, right?
    #2 – they don’t test for pathogens.  OR
    #3 – if they do and they don’t show up on the test, they send the patient away, without properly treating the patient. I’ve been trained to treat the person and their symptoms, because let’s face it.  Finding bugs on a lab test can be as tricky as fishing in a lake. You may get no bites at all, but you know they’re down there.  OR
    #4 – they’ll go on a ‘bug killing spree’ based on the advice of their docs, but the terrain that invited the bugs in is not addressed, repaired and rebuilt. This is what they mean by ‘Rome wasn’t built overnight, and neither will be your gut’.
    #5 – they treat the problem, feel better, then go back to their old ways…laying out the buggie welcome mat again.

    So, it’s a big picture thing…give us a year…at LEAST

    Cue the ‘now offering’ sign for our new annual member option. So, there are many CLUES that our digestive track wants remodeling and also several layers to it too. As we work with clients long term, we find that as we fix one thing, another problem surfaces until we peel the wounds along our digestive lining back, rip out the old tile and start fresh with some new, beautiful, super strong, iron clad tile, so your likelhood of inviting bad bugs back in again is lower. It took you years to feel low enough to have wanted to work with us, and for that reason, we invite you to come back for a check up/ a check in and even try out our annual membership option. This is the new trend of the future of medicine and we’re stoked to be one of the first to offer it to you.


    There are now GMO apples approved that ‘don’t brown’ and Agent Orange has been approved for use as fertilizer in crops. These things are slipping underneath our nose without regard to health, and we’re not trying to scare you, but rather AWARE you, so you know how to better armor and equip yourself against unlabeled danger in our food system and grocery labels.


    Your BODY changes. Surgery is a big one, antibiotics is another, getting really sick is common sadly. These ‘life events’ are major stressors to the body if we don’t slow down to recover from them, or take the necessary time to nourish our bodies and replenish the damage that may have been brought on by it. Antibiotics are one of the most common I see. Just 1 round can destroy your immune system to the point that getting sick becomes your day to day due to the fact that the rounds being prescribed to us today are stronger than they have been in the past, we’re told to take them for longer…and it wipes out all of the good bacteria in our system that keep us strong.

    Yet somehow, when you go in to see your doctor for your annual physical or because you just don’t feel right, a skin infection has erupted, you’re feeling super unwell…they send you away with a ‘squeaky clean bill of health’ because your test results indicated you were ‘healthy as a 18 year old racehorse’ (measured by what? Those ranges were pooled from a massive # of sick individuals, NOT high functioning ranges of humans in their Optimus prime)! If you want to be ‘average’ or don’t care about anticipating disease before it hits you, then maybe regular check ups don’t matter as much to you. But if you want to be ‘better than average’ or you want to ‘thrive and kick ass’, we highly suggest keeping in regular contact with us.


  • To inquire about the new ‘annual membership’ (TRUST ME:  You can afford this…that’s WHY we created it) … or …
  • To GET STARTED TODAY as our next cherished health member and fellow warrior
  • Decrease your odds of mortality, and increase your odds of vitality and DAMMIT…don’t you want to feel good…like ALL the time.  I sure do! I would love to either pull you back on the wagon or get you started on it to show you how!


Success Stories

“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”