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Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Naturopath DIANE KAZER

Join Doc Diane Kaze and her Transformation Tribe of World Class Jedi Visionaries who will empower you with action steps on: Detoxification, Hormone Optimization and Sovereignty Solutions. This is your Home if you’re a Warrior of God, Protector of Earth & Jedi of Humanity! Time to let that S.H.*T. go and FLY baby, yeah!

BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS, it might make a little more sense if you read and watched ‘some’ of:
PART 1 of my Birth Control journey where I talk about the horrible statistics of cancer, weight gain, depression, among other things associated with Birth Control & synthetic hormones.  The stats will BLOW YOUR MIND! It disgusts me how irresponsible we’re being with these, handing them out like Tylenol today, without emphasizing the dangers they pose, not to mention, they’re band aids to a deeper underlying disfunction.  IF YOU HAVE HORRIBLE PMS CRAMPS, why don’t our doctors ask WHY and fix it naturally so we don’t HAVE to take these synthetic pills & wear fish hooks dangling from our uterine lining?  Sadly, I fell into that trap. I’ve ‘fixed’ the wrath of my birth control use over 15 years, as well as the root of my Lady Problems naturally, by asking why and looking at lab tests, finding the problems and resolving them with herbs, diet and lifestyle.

THE STRESS WOMEN ENDURE TODAY IS IMMENSE…WHY CAN’T WE RESOLVE IT NATURALLY?  Why does a birth control pill blanket everyones problems?  Few women THRIVE on birth control.  Most tolerate it, slowly acquire symptoms and suffer long term consequences.  THIS is Blog #2 on that very topic.  I’ve seen women damaged from this, so I write this to open your eyes, so less women experience this and more know the TRUTH!

TODAY IS 3-10-15…

Ok, so here was my BEFORE Hair Tissue Mineral test result of Copper levels in my body. This was dated 7-22-13.  Notice how bipolar these results are.  Many HIGH markers and many just as LOW markers.  High Calcium can = STONES, Calcification of Soft Tissues (SO not good), Bone Spurs (I need to attach my most recent spine X Ray), and hardening of the arteries, joints, and so many other issues that are too many to list.

This loooooow sodium rate explains why I’m always so thirsty and grabbing for salt to add to my food.  I have so much stress internally and emotionally in my life (learned programmed response to external stress), that I shallow breathe, and burn out my adrenals.  The adrenals release a hormone called aldosterone, which causes sodium retention (hence the puffy face and bloated belly look), and depletes magnesium.


You probably heard it in my video above here.
Magnesium deficiency = poor sleep patterns and constipation to name a few.  

What I learned from my HTMA mineral expert and mentor Dr Rick Malter, is that based on my ‘adrenal type’ body (aka high stress – many females are this way), simply adding zinc, potassium and Vitamin A will help offset my mineral ratios and supplement my lifestyle, thereby calming and complimenting the way in which my body burns fuel.  I wish doctors taught this for our annual check up instead of sending us away with a ‘clear CBC’ – those ranges BTW are from wide ranges of old and sick people.  It’s common for me to see women like this cartoon after being turned away ‘healthy’ from tens of doctors.


So…now we move on to the new results.  Let’s have a look shall we?

This test is dated 3-3-15.  Note how I’m now in range for potassium, copper and zinc?
And my other levels have stabilized a TON more. (fall in the middle of the chart in the ‘Reference Range’)?

The other metals in my last test showed highly toxic levels of lead and berillyum with traces of mercury and aluminum.  Likely from the mercury filling residue in my body after having all of my cavities converted from amalgam to porcelain.

NOTE:  Get a BIOLOGICAL DENTIST to evaluate your oral health WITHOUT the use of harmful metals.  These are a few of their missions DIRECT FROM THEIR WEBSITE, that they employ: 1) Chelation & other detoxifying modalities as appropriate for the removal of toxic heavy metals.
2) An integrated approach to body, mind & spirit with treatment of the whole person. Gum disease is one of the highest stressors in the body, as well documented and researched by Weston A Price. There are organ meridians that connect to all of the teeth, which are dangerously close to our brain. Root Canals are one of the worst procedures out there, being they prolong the decay by leaving the tooth to rot internally, with the seal. Akin to storing a dead man in your closet.  Ahhhh the SMELL. And the rotting.

Anyway, you can see the MAJOR improvement 20 months did for me with all of the detoxing in the proper order.  I’m really proud of this.  Like I would be if I got first place in a Championship Soccer Match. This proves I know what the hell I’m doing.  LOL

When you work for yourself, you kind of get off on this kind of thing.  Because you don’t have a boss or co workers to validate your progress and accomplishments.

But enough about that…check THIS out: 

Metals come from many places in our lives, and while we all are made up of them on some level, it’s not normal or healthy to have them reside in us in higher levels.  It’s said that for every auto immune condition, there is an underlying associated heavy metal toxicity.  Here’s a list:

And this ARTICLE and video from Dr Mark Hyman NAILS it by going deep into the discussion of mercury in our environment, from fish to teeth … and the associated toxicity herein.

NOW, remember ladies…detoxing from ANYTHING can be a very labor intensive process for your body. Hence, I recommend a VERY holistic and natural, yet gentle and effective blend of Organic Chinese herbs that, EVEN PREGNANT & BREASTFEEDING moms can use to protect themselves and the baby, from storing toxic metals & chemicals deep in body tissues. THIS QUARTET includes an Adaptogenic formula that BOOSTS THE ADRENALS ability to handle stress, and hence balances the sex, stress and sleep hormones – normalizing sex drive, fertility, PMS, energy levels and sleep cycles.


Regarding Detoxification, YES it’s possible, and YES there IS such a thing (just look at the pink image below, reflecting my lowered levels of Toxic Heavy Metals).  Boxed detoxes…NO.  Juice ‘cleanses’…they *can* help, a little. But in the long run…not really. REAL detoxification occurs DAILY when your body is BUFFERED to release ‘junk’ on it’s own.  HAHA – I like that…when you have a BUFF COLON and Detox Organs…as in…they ALL play nice together on the field and ‘lift weights’ at the gym together.  The reason we’re so OVER focused and there’s major hype on DETOX today, is because our body isn’t doing it on it’s own properly, flomax buy online with the amount of stress we have AND the over 85,000+ chemicals that have been approved today in our food, products and environment, less than 150 of which have been approved for safety, and POORLY tested, no doubt.  1-2 months of testing on an individual chemical is HARDLY enough testing, considering the ‘spillover’ effect of mutli-toxing in our liver…ie any 2 chemicals in the body can have over 14,000 different reactions. Compound that by the over 250 babies are born with and you have INFINITE possibilities of disfunction from cognition to cancer.

I digress.  Of these 85,000+ man made toxic chemicals, including things like birth control, when someone comes to me for support to ‘feel and look better’, there is a very specific order I practice, that I have studied across multiple mentors and doctors of mine and the most widely agreed upon consensus is to treat infections, excess and toxicity in the following order:

1.  Parasites
2.  Candida (fungus)
3.  Bacteria
4.  Virus
5.  Heavy Metals
6.  Other Toxins…

Now, this assumes we have done the appropriate advanced testing to determine and evaluate all potential sources of toxicity BEFORE you embark on this journey.  I ship kits to patients across the US to collect this ‘information’ from stool tests to blood tests.  What shows on the results + how each person presents to me symptomatically determines the treatment.  SO…this exact order can vary for each person, DEPENDING… AND the adrenals need to be ready for this big release, or else the body will suffer and totally shut down. The BIGGEST thing I see people do wrong when ‘doing a cleanse’ is:

#1 – A boxed Candida Cleanse or Parasite herb without exploring other avenues of toxicity first.
AND to add assault to injury…they…
#2 – go into a ‘DETOX’ tired AND worse off…
#3 – CONSTIPATED…so all they’re doing is causing more stress and the re-circulation of toxins that were released with the ‘detox’ herbs.

I call it the ‘shaking up the Christmas Snow Globe Cleanse’ or perhaps you like the visual of ‘LEAF BLOWERS’ – most ‘cleansing’ today is approached the same – lots of moving around of junk in the body that makes us feel sick, but NOT ENOUGH focus on the REMOVAL and exit strategy from the body – ie POOPING. I make sure that EVERY client I’m working with is on THE highest quality probiotic to help improve their gut flora so that they ‘GO’ 2-3 times per day, rather than EVERY 2-3 DAYS.  Of all probiotics on the market today, THIS is the one I have had the most success with – men, women AND children!


#3 mistake made in ‘doing a detox’ is most people don’t alter the diet that brought on the toxicity to begin with … and also carry on with high chemical personal care products (RATE yours on Environmental Working Group), a ‘middle of the grocery store’ diet, alcohol, caffeine, birth control, drug and OTC use, high stress, low sleep, etc….you get the idea.  If we don’t remove the STRESSORS, the body will yet again, break down, and the bugs and toxins will come right back.

THIS is the vicious ‘yo yo diet’ cycle, and how to put an END to that!

Furthermore, the TERRAIN needs to be rebuild and nourished again.  This means repairing the gut lining with things like L Glutamine, Zinc, BONE BROTH, Glutathione Yielding Supplements such as NAC (and COFFEE ENEMAS) + Amino Acids such as Glycine.  As well as ensuring the principles of ‘Digestion Basics’ such as:

1. Chewing 25 times per bite
2. Being mindful with our meals (not multitasking – studies show we consume 25% more when we do)
3. Having appropriate levels of Hydro Chloric Acid (90% of Americans have NOT ENOUGH – READ)
4. Ensuring pancreatic health – as we age, we produce less enzymes to digest food.
5. If our Gall Bladder has been removed – consider bile salts to digest fat (HORMONES are made of fat)

I could go on…and on…and on….
But instead…keep an eye out for my Total Life Cleanse, where I’ll teach you these things in 4 weeks.

For now, realize you CAN do something about ALL of this.
I’m not a doctor, and proudly so, although I’m studying to become a naturopathic doctor.

IN THE MEANTIME….Please know I am fully trained and certified by many functional wellness programs and certifications to help you explore all of this from Digestion and Hormones to Toxicity and Sleep.  So, if you’re at all concerned and want to free yourself from as many of these toxins as possible, REACH OUT TO ME.  

NOTE:  If you HOPE to get pregnant anytime soon, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with me for 3 months AT LEAST, 1 year IDEAL to clean out your body of the toxins noted in this video and blog.  The average baby today is born with over 250 toxic, cancer causing chemicals in their body, sourced from mom through the umbilical cord…THIS NUMBER IS JUST INSANE and can be avoided at least minimized. Even if we find Hashimotos Hypthyroidism trends on your lab reports, I will work with your doctor to explore more natural versions of Thyroid Hormone, to reduce the toxic pass through of synthetic meds to your baby.  It’s taken me 20 months to drop the toxic load you’ve seen me reference above, and being Metals are purported to be PART of the reason why Autism, ADD, MENTAL DISEASE (I work with many of these children, many are born to C Section) statistics are on the rise today:


So…there you have it.  We started talking about birth control and copper toxicity, and moved into hormone health, digestive function, toxic load on the body, pathogens and we ended with the trickle down affect of not addressing this adequately in modern medicine today…where there are MORE TOXINS injected into our next generation (ie – mercury in vaccines), than there is prevention education on how to avoid them.

It seems pretty evident to me…and everyone else at the top of the alternative medicine chain providing top notch advise to a great deal of sick people aspiring to get better.

The CURE IS….YOU.  It’s in your hands to be farther from cancer and disease.  Now ask yourself…WHAT will I do NEXT to protect myself and my family?   

I offer 1 on 1’s to Women around the world.  We accept most insurance plans to run labs that are delivered to your home for you to collect.  My team of doctors and dieticians analyses the reports and will come up with a very specific healing protocol tailored to YOUR goals, timeline and analysis.  


Success Stories

“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”

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“After 11 years on birth control, horrendous acne, multiple periods per month, HORRIBLE mood swings, with the help of Diane, we fixed it ALL!”